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Troubleshoot With Your Residential Locksmith Service in Laval and Montreal

Does your front door or garage door not open? Does the lock on your mailbox no longer turn? Don't try to force the lock cylinder yourself, as you could make the situation worse by damaging the entire system. Call upon the services of Serrurier Lebel Enr, your leading residential locksmith service in Laval, Montreal and on the North Shore since 1976.

Our team has mobile units at its disposal in order to assist as quickly as possible to unlock your lock or repair broken locks. We offer 24-hour emergency breakdown services throughout the greater Montreal area.

Would you like to purchase quality hardware or safety equipment to protect your home's locks? Contact us now by phone or by email to get your quote.

Our At-Home Services

Quick lock change

Installation of security locks

On-site repair

Electronic knob locks

Letterbox locks

Our company is able to create duplicate lost keys for your doors, padlocks and safes. We also offer a vehicle unlocking and reprogramming service for your smart key. Call us for more information.

Locksmith Services in Laval and Montreal

Call Serrurier Lebel Enr to install, repair and maintain your locking systems.

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