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Unlock Your Car in Laval

Theft, forgetting or losing a car key and the frustration of being stuck outside your vehicle are particularly unpleasant situations to live through. In this case, don't hesitate to contact Serrurier Lebel Enr by phone or by email. Our team offers you a 24-hour emergency breakdown service to unlock your car in Laval, Montreal and all over the North Shore.

We are also able to repair or change your lock and reprogram your defective smart key on site thanks to our mobile workshop. You can count on our professionals to intervene as quickly as possible.

Our Vehicle Unlocking Services

Replacement of lost or stolen keys

On-site reprogramming

Chip key programming

Programming the ECM (vehicle computer)

Unlocking the car

Releasing jammed or broken locks

We use certified tools for reprogramming keys and ECM, making the risk of virus attack impossible.


Take the Necessary Preventive Measures

If you observe abnormal wear and tear on your lock or if the key jams when being inserted, contact our team. We are able to repair or replace damaged components before an emergency situation arises. Do not hesitate to take the same precautions with your commercial or residential door.

Commercial Locksmithing

Serrurier Lebel Enr repairs your traditional and electronic commercial locks.

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